Lead, Follow or Get the Heck Out of the Way!

Lead Differently provides School Turnaround services for educators and High Performance training for corporate and government entities. We also provide Motivational Speaking services for organizations committed to improving employee performance.

About The Team

School Turnaround

• To develop a comprehensive turnaround plan and implementation strategy
• To improve the skills, habits and behaviors of turnaround leaders and team members
• To embrace the actions required of turnaround leaders to improve student achievement
• To embrace the actions required of turnaround leaders to improve parent and community involvement and support
• To provide clear visible support for dramatic change

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High Performance

• To summarize assessment findings and plan next steps for change
• To establish performance initiatives and a master plan to manage long-term development
• To analyze and improve core work processes

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Motivational Speaking

• To improve staff morale
• To get the team excited about a new challenge
• To get employees with lots of potential to step forward
• To reduce employee stress
• To rekindle and/or unleash the commitment of all team members.
• To measurably improve employee performance

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